dezembro 05, 2010

Initial sketch

This is an initial sketch of my graduation project, I did this earlier this year, in my internship at General Motors, this sketch represents a very early stage of the project, and part of the process of finding themes, and choose the best options... Soon I´ll be posting the hole job!

6 comentários:

  1. awesome, looks like the next betmobile

  2. Nice Shape Rodox!
    Pena q não deu pra ir ver as apresentaçõs :(
    Ah o "bichinho simpático" do cabeçalho tbm ta muito loko

  3. Flaaaaaaaaaa Rodoxxxx!
    Curti o Trampo hein! Tah foda!
    Parabenssss bro!

  4. This sketch is made by Scott, I saw in his dvd "how to draw cars by Scott Robertsom"

  5. I guess you are wrong dude, cause this sketch was made by myself, at my internship at the GM design studio, besides that, I´m realy glad that me and scott think in the same way sometimes! Its happens a lot in Design...when u think that your sketch is fresh news you discover that somebody did a sketch that looks a lot with urs a couple years ago...¬¬
    I dont know that video that u said, but now i´ll see to find if this is realy true, but I can tell u that I made this one, with my hands and with my ideas, and with the help of some GM designers too...I was not Crazyy! ;)
    Tnx for ur comment Carlos! bests for ya!

  6. You are right, sometimes happens with desing and sketches. But in this video appears with the same colors. I think is exactly the same sketch... But in your favor I should say that in the video of Scott Robertsom, he only show a final sketch not the proces. It maybe yours.

    This is the video, you can find easily on the internet:


    PD. Sorry about my english :P