fevereiro 15, 2011

My Internship/ Graduation Project at GM 2010

Hey Folks! Finally I´m posting my internship project, that was done during last year, at  General Motors studios in Brazil, It was a year of self knowledge, and a lot of improving! Those guys of GM design studios are the very best that I ever met! Since now i let here my "Thank you sooo much!"

I´ll post in some parts, and at the final post you will see the entire job, ok?

Lets  starting with some initial sketches!

The Proposal of the project was to create a concept car for 2030, and not only a street car, but a stock Car! A huge challenge for us! I did the exterior shape designs, Bruno Said (brunosaid.blogspot.com) did the interior design, Marcelo Cardillo did the 3d surface modeling and Luis Pinheiro de Lima did the Program Management part, we formed a group of 4 people, simulating a micro studio, a micro GM, this was the very first time that a group of interns did something like this, here in GM studios in BRazil.At first, I started with some sketchs to find something to follow, to lead the conceptual part of the work, I did found a lot inspiration in the nature, looking some images of poison dart frogs, sharks, and chameleons...take a look and let me see what you think about it until now ok? see you later! TNX!

And here is some Theme sketches...

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  1. Agrediu demais!!! Parabéns Rodox! abração.

  2. POxa vlw Tanabera! rebenta ae nas VW!

  3. Gostei das pranchas com os animais e das pranchas finais com os temas.
    Não sabia que eu não te seguia, to te seguindo!

  4. Vi as fotos do modelinho...fico FODA pra caraleo!!! Muito bom, Parabéns Rodox! Abçss

  5. Vlw alan! segue aee! ehuwhua! vo ve se eu to seguindo vc agora neh! eheh! e cleberaaa! logo mais vo postar as fotos do modelo aqui! e no BRoba tbm! Vlw!!! abrass!


  7. Pois eh Rodox, esses boards estao dmais mesmo, e vc sabe disso...acho q vc capturou o espirito gm e isso tem mt valor, alem do talento pra sketiar.
    Mas acima d tudo, vc continua um cara tranquilo e disposto a compartilhar, e isso vale mais ainda!
    abs e sorte!

  8. Guilherme

    Putz,excelentes pranchas e conceito , parabens !
    Abraços !